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Thursday, March 23, 2006

SQL Server Reporting Services

If you plan on using the next version of Dynamics AX that will soon come out, then you need to learn how to use SQL Server Reporting Services. This is the new reporting engine for Dynamics Platform. Should be, because in my on use of both the current 3.0 reporting tool and SQL Server Reporting Services, I really enjoy working with RS over the default reporting in AX 3.0.

Now with that said, how does this apply to 3.0 and current day use. Well because of how great a technical platform AX is, you can modify all reports within Axapta and processes so that all reporting is used with SQL Server 2000 and Reporting Services v2.

There is a great report pack on the Microsoft site that Tectura did. Is gives a based understanding of how to connect to AX from RS, and make it usefull. Something that is not explored throughly is how to connect that from within AX. The thing you have to keep in mind is that for AX 3.0 you want to use a Web Browser Control on a AX form, and then direct that form / control to the correct report. With that, then you can replace Purchase Orders, etc. With a version of it from SQL Server Reporting services. RS is a geat alternative for reporting in 3.0 and it IS the reporting in DAX 4.0 so you might as well create a test enviornment and learn how to set it up, Admin it, and most of all Create reports and use them from Within AX 3.0.

In the not to distant future I have plans on walking you through creating a report in AX 3.0, RS 2000 v2 from within Axapta. Check back soon for that, and other great post!

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Blogger shaakera said...

Hi Brandon,

Any news about creating the walk through for using RS with DAX?



1:18 AM  

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