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Monday, July 13, 2009

X++ Team Blog: Some highlighted changes for X++ Langauge

The X++ team did a post recently about some changes that are 'forthcoming' in the next release of Dynamics AX 2011.

Here is the direct link.:
Forthcoming changes to the X++ language

From the entry:
"We are continually looking at what we can do to make the value proposition of the X++ language stronger. We have identified that several changes are needed to avoid a number of runtime problems, and to make future alignment with managed languages possible. As always, we realize that any changes we make to the core language are a mixed blessing to people who maintain a large code base: On one hand the new semantics cause the compiler to catch more errors earlier, but on the other hand they will invariably cause changes to existing code."

A summary of the changes from that post are here.:

  • Covariance vs. Contravariance

  • No compilation error is issued when parameters without default arguments follow default arguments.

  • The X++ compiler allows two methods with the same name where one is static and the other not.

  • No visibility rules are enforced for access of overriding methods

  • Abstract methods can be reached through a SUPER() call.

  • Static constrictors are not diagnosed

  • Abstract class implementation.

  • Interfaces.

  • Open array assignments.

So these are some great moves to help bring X++ forward into some of the same great functions, abilities and desires for X++.

I can't wait to see more from the X++ team blog, thanks for the update!

Check back soon, as more great post are to come.

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