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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dynamics ax on the iPad and iphone

With the release of the apple iPad, the form factor that everyone loves about the iPhone has made it to a tablet device. The iPad is not the first tablet device, with Microsoft and others having tried before. However with me typing this blog post from my new iPad I can see why this is the form factor and is a success for the tablet device era.

I have actually switched most of my research, reading and the alike already to the iPad. One part could be because it's new and cool factor. However even as I type this the other is the natural side, of how it fits into the need of what I am trying to do. It's so easy, and unlike my MacBook pro I got that had the strange garlic smells, this apple product just works.

I have just got my replacement by the way, and no garlic smell whatsoever... And I am off downloading the xocde ide and ios sdk.

Now the biggest draw back I can see with the iPad is what it takes to have an enterprise developer license. Right now it takes a company of having the size of 500 employees plus a duns credit number. I actually got feedback on this from the apple developer support team and this is staying as is for now.

Still, with that said, a company can have the iPad for internal and external application use, even if it's just a 3 person shop.

How is this you ask? Well for one, let's take and say the company has a desire to connect with outside customers, vendors and employees. Let's say also the company would like to have their product catalog running on he iPad and iPhone in a native application. (html5 talks aside for now, as well as rdp, which both can be used for extended dynamics ax use to the iPhone and iPad.)

Let's also say this company has dynamics ax as their erp platform. Then they can have an app developed that targets both iPhone and iPad that helps brand their company in a native app fashion on the apple platform. This app can connect to dynamics ax through either wcf services hosted on premise with the company, or, hosted in the cloud through windows azure platform.

This means that the dynamics ax investment for any size company can be extended to the ios apple platform, with a targeted app, that would allow customers, vendors and employees to make use of for interacting with the company and with the companies dynamics ax investment.

I will leave this post now, and I hope I have you thinking about the possibilities. The iPad is a great platform that if targeted right can help your company extend and build upon it's dynamics ax investment, including the windows azure cloud platform.

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Blogger Andrew Holden said...

Great minds think alike. I've been pushing the same ideas internally. I love the iPad and think our [Dynamics] customers could deploy it in many different scenarios.

I noticed that there is in fact a Dynamics CRM 4 client for iPhone, it would be interesting to see an AX app for the iPad/iPhone :)

I noticed you said you have a MacBook Pro, an increasing number of my colleagues and I also use MacBooks. It's slightly ironic for developers on the Microsoft platform but we love it :)

Hmm, maybe I should start using my XCode copy more ;)

5:44 AM  
Blogger Erika és Tamás said...


does it make sense to develop an AX client on ipad or iphone when you can use SharePoint Services as a client in almost any browser on any platform?

I see efforts trying to deploy Ax apps for iphone, but is there a real market for that?

Cheers, HT

11:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


Any sample regarding this.


9:58 PM  

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