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Monday, August 23, 2010

MSDW: Dynamics AX Team Announces Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Compatibiltiy with AX 2009 SP1

Over at MSDynamicsWorld.com, a new article is out, that focuses around the recent news of Dynamics AX 2009 SP1, being able to make use of MOSS 2010 and some of its features.

The full article can be found here.: Dynamics AX Team Announces Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Compatibiltiy with AX 2009 SP1

I was actually interviewed for this article, and I think it captures well the impact this has on the Dynamics AX community and customer base. I love some of the things that fellow AX Pro, Joe Marcus had to say.:
"Knowing what SharePoint 2010 offers, I would say one of the benefits is the future-proofing of the stack... So you wouldn't have a homogeneous stack anymore. If you were a customer who had AX 2009 and your organization was moving toward 2010 SharePoint, you'd have to have multiple implementations of SharePoint," he said. "What this really does for an IT shop, is it puts them back into compatibility with the stack. So it's more of a future proofing for better [Microsoft] Office interoperability."

My Focus was around this, but more heavily on what MOSS 2010 brings, with BI focus.:
"AX has part of it built on top of SharePoint, specifically its Enterprise Portals and its role centers, which help shape the user experience for a certain role type like a CEO, shop floor control person, comptroller," he said. "When a user goes and connects either through the rich client or the web-based client, the role center delivers to the user the information they need like the most common tasks, reports, forms. SharePoint has new features specifically around BI and one of the hot ones is PowerPivot, a self-service targeted business intelligence. So Microsoft's vision is trying to give access to everybody in the company who needs access to BI versus just to a select few. That's what SharePoint 2010 brings and this update enables Dynamics AX SP 1 to have its Enterprise Portal and role centers deployed on it and be used versus using the older SharePoint 2007"

I would like to thank MSDW for including me on this interview, and I think it's important this recent move and news for supporting AX 2009 on MOSS 2010 and the Office 2010 system. This move shows Microsoft continued support of AX throughout the entire stack and vice versa, which is one of the many benefits of a company investing into Dynamics AX.

That's all for now, check back soon as more to come!

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Thanks for the reference and quote!

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