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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More on Dynamics AX and the iPad

Recently, I wrote an article about having Dynamics AX run on the iPad. This article can be found at the following link.: Dynamics ax on the iPad and iphone

That post, though very, very high level - got a lot of interest. I thought that there was for sure an interest level for the iPad in the enterprise markter. This confirmed, that even for Microsoft Dynamics AX, the iPad has a place.

In the first post, I covered some high level thought processes about the iPad, and the development of native applications for extending a customers Backend software investment, like Dynamics AX.

Now I wanted to Jump into another topic on how a customer can extend their Dynamics AX investment with an iPad.

What I am talking about is RDP. Remote Desktop. With the iPhone, it was hard to use Remote Desktop. The size alone it the main issue. However with the iPad, you have plently of space to work with.

So now what RDP ot VNC application to use? Well after doing some extensive looks, I found that Jump Desktop - RDP iPad App.

This is a very useful iPad app, and priced decent as well. I have personally used this to connect to a Widnows Server and run AX. The way that Jump Desktop does the mouse, and windows keyboard on the iPad is very easy to get use to and make use of.

The only issue is TS or RD Gateway support is not yet released. However I have talked with the developers personally and they are adding this support. Once that's there, I don't see why any other RDP will be needed on the market.

So with this, you get RDP access, nearly like you have when you RDP from a Windows Machine or Mac machine.

This is another way to extend AX, through the use of Remote Desktop. With the iPad's ability to connect to most VPN's, you now have a way to be productive from your iPad on your Dynamics AX investment.

Now if you still don't see the iPad's use and also interest from Companies in using the iPad with their enterprise software, then take a look at this latest article, which agrees with what I am saying about the iPad.: Apple's iPad, iPhone and an enterprise halo effect.

Enterprises are very interested, and they want to use the iPad. It's coming to businesses, and it's use will only continue to climb.

With all this talk of RDP, still for the most true use of the iPad, and as I stated in my first post, the true benefits of an iPad can best be realized with native applications.

This means having Objective-C based apps, built for the iPad, that connect to either on-premise services, or cloud based services for extending your enterprise software to the iPad.

There are all kinds of uses for the iPad in the Enterprise, and specifically relating to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

That's all for now. I have some very interesting interviews coming up soon. Look for those. Also look for the continued series of post on the iPad and Business desire for it's use with their ERP and other LOB investments!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very useful information as my corporation is currently deploying the dynamics on all the plants, and the first thing that came to my mind was, Will the iPad be able to handle the current demand on updating the systems for production needs? And if it will, How will it be possible to access a non apple based system without falling in contradicting softwares firms. I will show this to our head corporates as a solution to the need for quick daily updates and fast solution to the growing demand of the market. I appreciate the information supplied and I will look forward to hear if those missing links from AX will be soon up to date.

7:40 PM  

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