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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WPC and O'Cloud O'Cloud!

Well WPC2010 is in full swing, and a lot of great post, information, etc. is coming from this event.

Based on the Microsoft reported numbers, there was 9500 partners attending, which is the biggest WPC event ever! Congrats to the Microsoft WPC team, that puts the event on.

In case you can't attend, like myself, you can catch WPC keynote from yesterday, featuring Allison Watson, Steve Ballmer, Bob Muglia, Tami Reller and Also MBD President Stephen Elop, from this link.: WPC 2010 - Openning Day Keynote.

There is a lot of things covered in this keynote, and it's for sure a typical Mircrosoft keynote, with music, anatics, which help introduce and get people ready for the "show".

With the music aside, there is a lot of information that can really be gleaned from this keynote, and really see the focus of Microsoft. Before I get into that, I wanted to say that it is a bitter sweet note, that CVP Allison Watson, who I interviewed here: Interview with Allison Watson, is leaving her role as CVP Partner Relations. I would like to wish Allison the best in her new role at Microsoft.

Now with that, and as the title of this post says.: 'O'Cloud!'

This has to be the theme for WPC2010, as Microsoft make good on what I deemed as The Year of the Cloud

It's now July, and I wrote that article featured on the Dynamics Community Site in Jan. of this year. We are now well into Azure being in full swing, with customers and partners in full swing of using Azure for what the cloud offers.

This means, not just Dynamics focused, but full new applications 100% developed for the cloud, that can also run on-premise.

As I have mentioned before the true Hybrid cloud will be the norm, and this is what can exists now with Dynamics AX 2009 and the cloud. A lot of news came out about the cloud yesterday, like Windows Azure Platform Appliance, and how this will enable private hosted clouds. I wont steal away to much from what Microsoft keynote shows, I invite you to make sure and review it.

I do want to leave you though with, how much have you thought of your company and the cloud? About your Dynamics AX Investment, and how the cloud can help you extend that investment, and reach.

That's all for now, but check back soon, as I have some great interviews, and post coming out soon!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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