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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunrise apart of Presidents club and Inner Circle - Again!

The Microsoft WPC 2010 conference holds a lot of information, and is a place for Microsoft and partners to connect with one another.

There is a lot to cover from this years WPC, and I plan on taking some interesting spots and covering those over the next several weeks.

One of the things that takes place at WPC is the Microsoft President's club and Inner Circle members are announced. Both of these achievments help partners stand out from everyone else, and it's very hard to make President;s club, much less be included as part of the Inner Circle.

This is not just Dynamics Focused either, this is all Partners. So, something like the top 4% of Partners in the world are included on the President's club, and then the top 1% of Partners, plus other - yearly changing - elements must be meet in order to gain the Inner Circle inclusion.

Sunrise, yet again, has gained both. With this, we only focus on Microsoft Dynamics AX, and all that surrounds it.

It's part of our guiding principles, in that we will do a few things, very, very well. So I am proud of the fact, that I am part of a Microsoft Gold Certified VAR, that has once again proven we do Microsoft Dynamics AX very, very well!

This should be an honor to all the Sunriser, because it everyone that contributes that makes this awards and inclusions take place. It's attention to details on projects, working long hard hours during sales cycle and implementations, marketing and generating leads, supporting our customers long after the initial implementation is gone.

Congrats my fellow Sunrisers, being able to claim Presidents Club and Inner Circle once again this FY 2010 for Microsoft is a big deal!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations brandon :)

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