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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

App-V and AX, Sunrise Apparel in Italy, LexisNexisLegalAX-el & Hello 6th year of posting!


So I am have been super busy! It's always good to be busy, and have work to do, but it also leaves little time to talk about all the great things going on sometimes.

There has been a lot since I last wrote on this blog, which will be a week ago tomorrow. So I will cover all the hot Dynamics AX topics in this one post, and hope I can get a couple more in this week.

With that, lets get started!

App-V and AX

Now this is something really cool. So if your not that too familiar with App-V, or App Virtualization, check out the following.: Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)

Some of the highlights of Microsoft App-V:

  • Centralized Management, Scalable Infrastructure -
    Publish, deploy, and manage your virtual applications while leveraging your existing technology investments and software distribution processes.

  • Readily Accessible Applications -
    Deliver applications that meet the needs of your users regardless of whether they are in the office, on the road, in a remote site, or holding a meeting at the local coffee shop.

  • Simplify Application Deployment, Reduce End User Interruptions -
    Give your staff time back for other projects by reducing test cycles and delivering applications more quickly to your end users while providing seamless application updates that don’t require reboots.

  • Dynamic Application Virtualization -
    Turn physical applications into virtual applications that are never installed but can seamlessly communicate with the local operating system, middleware, plug-ins, and other applications.

Now take this setup, and think Dynamics AX 2009 client! That's right Dynamics AX 2009 client has been certified to run as a virtually App-V published application. Check this out.: Dynamics AX Sustained Engineering Team is pleased to announce the compatibility of Microsoft Application Virtualization with Dynamics AX 2009 Client

Now it's very important to note that the server can not be done in this fashion, however the client can. This is HUGE! For global deployment options, for geographically seperated locations and need access to Rich Client of AX for processes!

This opens a whole new realm, a better option really, than using TS or Citrix for RDP sessions to use the Rich Client of Dynamics AX with.


Sunrise Apparel in Italy

Here a little gem of news that is a great move if I may say so myself. Sunrise's CFMD Apparel & Footwear Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX will now be offered to companies based in Italy, through a partnership with MHT!

Here is the press release.: Sunrise Technologies and MHT partner to offer the Sunrise Technologies’ Apparel & Footwear Template in Italy

From the PR:
"Sunrise Technologies and MHT, both Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and leading providers of Microsoft Dynamics AX, today announced a partnership to offer the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Sunrise Technologies’ Apparel & Footwear template to Microsoft Dynamics AX customers in Italy... ...“We are extremely excited to be bringing our industry leading solution for the apparel and footwear industries to the Italian market through our partnership with MHT,” states John Pence, President and Founder of Sunrise Technologies. “Both Sunrise and MHT are leaders in our respective markets, and we are extremely excited by the potential of our solution offered to the Italian Fashion Industry.”"

Sunrise's website.: www.SunriseConsult.com and MHT website.: www.MHTNet.it

Why is this important? Why does this matter? This is exactly the Vision that Doug K. from Microsoft laid out of the purpose of CFMD solutions, and making use of the partner ecosystem. (ie: Interview with Doug K. - Read about IMDM)

This is a proven, CFMD Solution for Apparel & Footwear being exported to Italy, to be implemented by a powerful, knowledgable Italian local partner in MHT. Exactly what Doug's and Microsoft vision for CFMD and IMDM position was design for!



Ok... so I could not help myself on the title of this section. This is in reference to the company LexisNexis choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX to develop their Legal ISV / Industry solution for.

I tried several different version to name this section, and landed on what you see. So the meat of this, is the fact that their will now be a solution that is sought to getting CFMD, focused on taking Dynamics AX core great offerings, and adding to them the vertical needs of the legal vertical.

To find out more about this, go to here.: LexisNexis Announces Development of Next-Generation Practice and Financial Management Solution for the Legal Industry

From the PR.:
"We are pleased to be working with LexisNexis to deliver enterprise solutions to meet the needs of customers in the legal industry. The new LexisNexis offering, built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, will deliver firms a single financial and business management platform that can evolve with their individual business requirements,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners. He added, “By bringing together the in-depth legal knowledge and solutions of LexisNexis and Microsoft’s technology expertise and products, we are confident that this offering will challenge the status quo prevalent in the UK practice management market.”"

Also, read more details from Microsoft's own Guy Weismantel - Director, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Product Marketing.: LexisNexis chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX as platform for newest solution

LexisNexis is a UK based company, and you can find out more about them, by visiting their website here.: www.LexisNexis.co.uk


Hello 6th year of posting!

That's right... as of October, I am entering my 6th year of writing about Microsoft Dynamics AX. That means for six years you all have allowed me to ramble on about Dynamics AX, and everything else in, and around Dynamics AX.

It's hard to believe it's already been that long. So much has taking place in the Dynamics Ecosystem since then, and we have so much more moving forward. 2010 is looking like it will close out with a bang, and then comes 2011 and AX 6!

Just for good-ole times, here is a link to one of my first post on this blog, about the Axapta COM Connector.: Axapta 3.0 Business Connector (COM+) It so funny, I think my first sentence sums up how a lot of people felt with dealing with the early days of the COM Connector in AX 3.0.:
"Oh, Let me count the ways, how I lothe the - flaky Axapta Business Connector!"

I would like to thank all you readers, who care enough to continue and read about the passion of mine. I love the fact that sometimes people take the time, not just to comment, but to also really push the limits of my knowledge of AX and of what AX can do. So please keep those coming!

Well, I am out of virtual breathe from all that! Here's to many more year of Microsoft Dynamics... and if the community at large can stand me, maybe I will be allowed to continue to post and actually have someone read it.

Till next time!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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