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Thursday, July 08, 2010

MSDW: ISV Solutions – The Jewels in Microsoft Dynamics Strategy

I wanted to kick off my blogging again, after the nice 4th of July holiday, with a highlight on a recent article that was published over at MSDynamicsWorld.com. This article dives into the ISV side of the Dynamics Ecosystem, and makes some great points about how powerful that ecosystem really is, and how it can help companies be truly global.

The article, wrote by Raman Dhooria, IT Consultant - Microsoft India, can be found here.: MSDW: ISV Solutions – The Jewels in Microsoft Dynamics Strategy

Raman, goes into how the Iceland based company of LS Retail took and idea, developed a retail solution that has empowered the Dynamics Partner system to offer a compeling Retail solution used by over 1,500+ companies now. This is the same LS Retail that Microsoft purchased, and is making as part of the 'AX For Retail', due out in August of this year.

Raman states.:
"How can a small Icelandic organization go global and challenge the Goliaths like SAP with a fantastic retail solution on Microsoft Dynamics platform? The answer to this question lies in the very nature of the ISV, or Independent Software Vendor, role in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

ISVs are a breed of organizations who build their software solutions to work in a niche or in concert with a larger software firm's technologies. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics, ISVs have long found a suite of ERP and CRM products for which they can create their own applications. This ecosystem offers innovative, solution-driven companies the opportunity to align with Microsoft platforms and Dynamics in particular and present end to end solutions on the Microsoft platform. All this builds originality, creates new solutions for the transforming world to evolve into a bright future.

In the case of Iceland-based LS Retail, they created a smart retail application on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. They took it along with Microsoft sales prowess into 60+ countries and through 120 Microsoft partners. Today, they have 1.500 companies with 27.000 stores operating over 55.000 POS terminals worldwide.

The more I explore, the more interesting the analysis becomes. How can a small Icelandic organization go global? Would they have achieved this triumph as a stand-alone product company? In India, we have 100+ LS Retail customers which is more than SAP's IS retail base. Wow! There is certainly serious strength behind this strategy."

The article is well put together, and I think it deserves a highlight. The content is fitting, seeing as how we are approaching the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference for 2010 soon.

I would like to thank Raman for the great article, and also would hope that maybe this would help others in pushing to their goal of deliverying more and more ISV based solutions that fit specific needs of the Dynamics Ecosystem.

That's all for now, but check back as I have interviews lined up, and a lot to review. Till next time!

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