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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sunrise awarded, and new post from Kees Hertogh

I hope that everyone has been doing great, myself with school back in action, I was taking out of action --- first bug from school came rampaging through our home. Seems that everything is mostly back to normal now.

With that, it's been a week since my last last post, and a lot is going on. So let me start off by saying congrats to my fellow Sunrisers for another year of being awarded in the Accounting Technology's 2010 VAR 100 list!

You can see the full press release, at the following location.: Sunrise selected to Accounting Technology's 2010 VAR 100 list

From the PR.:
“The Accounting Today VAR 100 list is comprised of top accounting and ERP software resellers throughout the country, ranked by revenue,” says Seth Fineberg, Technology Editor of Accounting Today. “This select group represents those in the world of accounting software resellers that are truly ahead of the pack and we are pleased to honor them in this special report.”

"We are very pleased to be recognized as one of Accounting Technology's VAR 100 list," states John Pence, President of Sunrise Technologies. "Our continued commitment to Microsoft Dynamics AX, customer service, and technical excellence is proving to be a winning combination in the marketplace."

Again a big congrats to my fellow Sunrisers on another award!

Now moving forward, Microsoft's owns Kees Hertogh, from the Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Group blog, just recently posted about how Making complex things simple is rewarding.

From his recent post.:
"The classic pitfall for a ‘one solution’ approach is the danger of complexity or disparate software often accompanied with a horrendous cost of ownership experiences. However, there are some things we fundamentally do different then our competitors:

- We have a continued focus on something what we often to refer to internally as “innovation from within.” Due to the unique transparent architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX, we’re able to make fundamental changes or improvements in the application without sacrificing on upgradeability or maintainability. However, you’ll find applications out there which build a lot of redundancy in their data models because they’ve grown over time and the new functionality was literally bolted on.

- We extensively use the application platform capabilities built in the Microsoft application platform and closely work with these teams to continue to improve these offerings for ERP scenarios. Some examples: the Microsoft server OS offers a built-in workflow engine (the Windows Workflow Foundation). Competitors offer their own workflow/BPM stack capabilities that ride on top an OS, adding to integration complexity and cost. Microsoft SQL Server offers great BI and Reporting technology built in to the database, which means there’s no need to attach a separate BI environment to your transactional ERP system.

- Balance on what should be covered in core AX and what should be available in a vertical solution, is determined by us together with our partners and customers. Through different forums like industry advisory boards, we’re continuously working with our partners and customers to ensure we find the right balance between providing ‘business processes integrity’ across common processes, industries and vertical specific features that service unique needs.

“Making complex things simple“ for our customers and partners is hard work… and incredibly rewarding. We are honored by this recognition from Forrester."

You can read the full post here.: Making complex things simple will be rewarded..

Kees is speaking directly about the vision that drives Microsoft innovation with Dynamics ERP product line, and specifically to Dynamics AX. His words are right in line with the thought paths of what we have been talking about for the past few years with Dynamics AX and topics like BI, the Cloud, Extending Dynamics AX to other LOB Applications, etc. etc. Fits right in with my last post, covering this Forrester award, found here.: Microsoft Dynamics Cited as an Order Management Hub Solutions Leader

Well that's all for now! I would like to thank Kees for sharing his thoughts on the recent award for Dynamics AX, and how the work his team has done, and their focus, is what made the Forrester award the reality in which Dynamics AX lives in.

I am also going to take the time here to wish everyone a safe and fun labor day weekend in the U.S. This is College kick off week as well, so I have to say Roll Tide! I will be taking some time off, but be back post second half of next week. There is a lot to talk about over the next 12 months, and I will be covering as much of it all as I possible can. Till next time!

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